Lace Camisole Dress (2 Colours)Lace Camisole Dress (2 Colours)
      Hexagon Pearl BangleHexagon Pearl Bangle
      Earrings With Faux DiamondEarrings With Faux Diamond
      Gold Button Faux 2 Pieces Knit Top (2 Colours)Gold Button Faux 2 Pieces Knit Top (2 Colours)
      Embroidery Collar Sweater (2 Colours)Embroidery Collar Sweater (2 Colours)
      Sparkling Midi Skirt (2 Colours)Sparkling Midi Skirt (2 Colours)
      Wavy Shape Pearl Neck RingWavy Shape Pearl Neck Ring
      Striped Hem Sweater With Shoulder Pad (2 Colours)Striped Hem Sweater With Shoulder Pad (2 Colours)
      Striped Sleeve Cardigan (2 Colours)Striped Sleeve Cardigan (2 Colours)
      Heart Pattern Knit SkirtHeart Pattern Knit Skirt
      Striped Tassels Draped Midi SkirtStriped Tassels Draped Midi Skirt
      Heart Shape Pearl NecklaceHeart Shape Pearl Necklace