I love ONE-PIECE! 貪其方便易著唔駛諗點襯,但有時又怕太單調(女人的煩惱…),所以今日特別揀左Knitted one-piece dress,上下身兩種質料,上身針織舒服elegant,下身恤衫有型格,cutting適中,配襯由英國買番嚟嘅古銅色Braceletit balances elegance with a touch of chic!,衣櫃冇可能冇一件看門口la!

    I love ONE-PIECE! So I decided to wear WHY NOT? Knitted one-piece dress today, knit fabric makes me feel so comfortable while the shirt hem detail balances the elegance with a touch of chic! Just add to your wardrobe!

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