我覺得襯衫一定要加埋特別嘅accessories, 因為會將我變得更有style. 而我最like係drop earrings!佢會令我當日衣著同埋個樣更sharp醒 , 所以我每日出街前, 必定花少少時間(?!)去配搭一下當日既accessories. 今日嘅outfit係我好鍾意嘅peplum hem skirt,表面有壓紋加上ruffle裙尾,cutting特別,如果唔想太elegant, 可配襯一件型格top再花少少心思加D accessories, 就將成個造型變得有自己個性!

    I am a huge fan of accessories, especially drop earrings! After pairing peplum hem skirt with crochet trim top and accessories, I can make my own fashion statement!

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