歐美嘅女仔好鍾意隨性打扮,但係唔等如佢地求求其其,而係唔一定要成個look由頭襯到落脚指尾!係不經意咁流露個人品味。好多人以為身材細粒係著唔出歐美味道,但你睇吓sex and the city嘅Sarah Jessica Parker, 完美示範話你知身型並唔係問題,點樣配襯先係重點!今日我揀左黑色houndstooth shirt配紅色pleated skirt, 傘裙加高踭鞋感覺sexy,裇衫可隨意捲起手袖及解開鈕,大家都可以試下將韓國衫著出Manhattan style!依套衫既貨量唔多架,affordable price to make a difference, WHY NOT?

    Adding personal touches to your outfit doesn't mean to dress casually.  Today, I paired black houndstooth shirt and red pleated skirt with high heels, this combination capture the essence of sexy! Oh yea, that's me!

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