今個秋冬好多品牌都出patterns printed sweatshirt,我尤其鐘意Givenchy嘅butterfly printed sweatshirt,因為佢既print係不規則排列!。而今次特別揀左Dolka Dot Sweatshirt, 啲波點圖案就係隨意咁排列, 而唔係一般普遍既工整design!顏色係唔太鲜色嘅粉紅色,只要加上少少accessories 巳經full of energy!

    令自己Weekend著得casual得來又有型,WHY NOT?

    Looking for your weekend-carefree outfit?! I love pairing printed sweatshirt with legging and socks.  I find this asymmetric dolka dot prints to be very fascinating. 


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