秋季雖然開始,但我仲係鍾意著衫帶點性感既自己,唔想咁快包實自己住^^||所以今次特別揀呢件mesh lace top,除左質料好靚同細緻之外, lace嘅花紋排列亦好特別,有別於平常好feminine嘅Victoria style。件衫shoulder位有唔同層次嘅layer,而最驚喜係背部有details嘅see thru,雖然我唔係特別鍾意lace pattern ,但都忍唔住要分享呢件製作咁有心思嘅top比大家。

    而配襯方面, 只要加上簡約嘅幾何頸鏈點綴一下,就可以顯現自己獨特嘅品味。如果唔想太girlie下身可以襯褲,我就襯左條直條紋西褲,令成個造型中性番。 就讓自己今日outfit多D細緻同層次,WHY NOT?

    I am so impressed that this lace top has such detailed trim and quality.  Why don't just pair it with a loose masculine pant and statement necklace to create a unique sexy look!



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