每次換季都係女人好瘋狂購物嘅時候但係想添置新裝之餘又唔想浪費,可以先將衣櫃裏既衫再mix & match一下令到造型可以多D變化之餘又可以再show多一次D靚衫吖嘛....haha!  例如今次我介紹既薄身one piece裙咁春夏就咁單著就ok,簡約得嚟又refreshing。到宜家入秋就加番一件大領開胸背心褸保暖之餘又可以將條one piece裙變出新襯法到左冬天只要係件開胸背心裏面加件厚長䄂衫件背心外套又可以繼續著仲減少左冬天著大褸臃腫嘅情況㖭!

    睇下自己嘅衣櫃再花D心思配襯一下就可以有全新感覺㗎啦! Why not?

    The weather is quire chilly in Hong Kong now, I need a tran-seasonal outerwear to create a layered look.  Today I wear the sleeveless vest and lace one-piece dress, so I can take off the sleeveless vest easily when the weather got too warm.  This sleeveless vest can pair with thick long sleeve top in winter time too! 

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