Mickey Icon係好多出名designer嘅創作靈感來源,成日都有機會係fashion show見倒好多大品牌,例如Marc Jacobs同Moschino,對Mickey嘅二次創作,今日我就著左Mickey壓紋仿皮Top,有dirty pink同creamy兩隻色,壓紋做得好有水準同立體感,再襯埋Tweed Jacket嘅外套,外套上釘左好多型格襟章,仲有fashion icon嘅Lady Gaga,成個outfit變得玩味十足!

    就為「大人」嘅你哋加上點點童真,WHY NOT?

    Those of you who want some fun in their everyday life as adult will definitely love this Mickey embossed top. Featuring a imitation leather top embossed with Mickey re-creation, this piece makes my day!

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