開始入秋,好多時朝早起身天仲未光哂, 就要係灰沉沉既清早開始一天既生活。每當打開個已轉季既衣櫃就覺得自己嘅心情同個衣櫃一樣,一様咁沉悶咁無生氣,所以今日我特登揀左一件好Energetic既top比大家,件衫用左少見嘅royal blue,精神嘅顏色絶對會令成個人望落去更sharp更有活力,而運用不同顏色既珠片同線編織嘅魚圖案更令整件衫變得有層次同立體感。 如果想再型格D,建議下身配上今季好hit既濶身西褲。

    就讓自己同衣櫃都開心D,散發更多sparkle去感染身邊嘅人! WHY NOT?

    This cool and dull weather calls for a happy knits!  This royal blue knitwear creates an image of a few little fishes swimming in the water, it's perfect to pair with loose causal pants for a day out.

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