今曰套outfit啱哂好似我咁懶熨衫、而又次次出街掛住化妝預錯時間既我><||因為成套衫都係唔洗花時間去熨,兼且點行點坐都唔會皺!件top用咗兩隻好唔同style既色tone同好有趣嘅長頸鹿pattern,但係喺呢个post出街嘅時候件top已經賣哂喇:p,好開心大家都鍾意呀!而下身想型D,可以配條黑色及膝裙, 呢條裙橡根有少少detail嘅設計, 可以高腰低腰著都得㗎!

    扮靚又點少得特別嘅accessories,今次條鏈好啱秋冬帶,佢係用上灰色勾冷加少少金屬點綴,同件top非常之match!再加埋貪靚人必備既clutch bag, 成個outfit唔駛五分鐘就出得門口喇!

    就咁一笠就出得街既靚靚outfit,啱哂怕煩又想扮靚既你地, WHY NOT?

    I like pink and grey colours.  The softness of the pink mixed with the coolness grey that makes this top delicate and pretty!  It just took me five minutes to finish my outfit :p!

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